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A Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS), is also referred to as a Senior Move Manager®, is an educated and experienced professional who manages all aspects of downsizing, relocating seniors to a new residence. A Senior Move Manager® will act as your partner and advocate to ensure your move is smooth, seamless and stress-free.

After years of experience in senior move management, we have gathered what we believe every senior should know as they consider making a change to your home environment. We hope this information helps!


1. Be kind to yourself, downsizing can be a big job. Not only can it be physically demanding it may be emotionally draining as well.

2. Consider the resources available to you, including family, friends, business contacts, and members of your religious organization. Find out if they have trusted resources and time to help you.

3. Consider what will work best in your new lifestyle. For example, if you are relocating to a retirement community, your socializing and entertaining may be done outside of your home or apartment in common areas or a private dining room making card tables and extra dishes unnecessary.

4. Get Organized- go room by room using a simple labeling method to identify what to move, to gift, to donate, sell or trash.

5. Determine what to take by asking these four questions- Do I need it? Do I love it? How will I use it? Will it Fit?

6. Allow for plenty of time to work through the downsizing process. Break the work down into manageable tasks that you can do without tiring or creating stress for yourself.

7. Get to know your new space by obtaining the measurements of each room, storage areas (cabinets, closets, lockers) and location of electrical, cable and phone outlets.

8. Draw a scaled floor plan with the furniture you will be moving. Make sure there is plenty of space surrounding each piece for easy movement.

9. Interview moving companies, they are not all created equal!

10. Be creative about preserving your memories. Consider displaying special dishes as wall art, use floating shelves for framed family photos, make a memory quilt or a shadow box of family memorabilia, and using technology to store photo’s digitally.

11. Make time to review and shred outdated personal, health and financial information. Don’t be a victim of identity theft.

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