We provide turn-key or a la carte services to help you with downsizing, relocating, and getting your previous home cleaned out as well as setting up your new home. You may choose as few or as many services as you need from our service offerings below.

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  • Guidance on selection process for keep, sell, disperse and donate

  • Sort and tag collections and household items for dispersal

  • Expedite dispersals & donations according to clients wishes

  • Provide tax receipts and documentation for items donated


  • Organize existing spaces ie: closets, offices, pantries

  • Declutter for safety, mobility and aesthetic appeal

  • Rearrange for accessibility

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  • Site surveys of current and new home

  • Develop & maintain furniture inventory

  • Create custom scaled furniture floor plan (See example)


  • Develop personal transition timeline

  • Refer to and oversee movers on move out/in day

  • Ongoing communication with clients, families, and third party providers

  • Personal shopping for necessary item

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  • Prepare home & belongings for efficient packing

  • Pack all agreed upon items securely for transport

  • Unpack boxes & remove packing materials


  • Make beds, set clocks and connect TV’s

  • Set up bathroom and kitchen

  • Clean and dust furniture and accessories

  • Hang selected pictures & artwork 

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  • Discover & document items in all areas of home/estate

  • Recommend appropriate avenues for final dispersal of household items

  • Ongoing communication with client and 3rd party service providers

  • Organize, coordinate, and prepare items for final destination(s) to include:
    - Relatives
    - Friends
    - Estate Sale
    - Auction
    - Charitable Donation
    - Trash hauling


  • Clean out all areas of home, attics, basements, and storage areas on and off site

  • Manage the removal and safe disposal of household hazardous materials

  • Schedule & oversee donation & trash removal

  • Provide documentation for charitable tax receipts

  • Arrange for cleaning service

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